Tips on How to Prevent Your Concrete Garage Flooring from Damaging 

A garage will always be a garage but knowing when to care or maintain your garage flooring can basically be a very hard job for the owner of the house. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of problems as well as factors to consider when one of them exist on your garage flooring. Some are actually the majority of the members who use the doors of your garage as their entrance, the vehicle’s weight, liquids and materials, and temperature shifts add to the deterioration of the concrete, as well. 

Surfaces of your garage floors provide approximately 20 to 25 years of use. And if there was a not-so good garage flooring installation, it may be another reason to slowly restore the shine to the epoxy flooring or just repair it. The following are some of the few signs you need to know and check out: 

Early Signs of a Damaged Garage Floor 

  • Pitting 
  • Pooled water 
  • Improper drainage 
  • Settlement cracks 
  • Moisture penetrates through your floors through cracks or crevices 
  • Freezing and thawing cycle 
  • Shrinkage or hairline cracks 

These signs generally add a visually unsightly environment which isn’t safe for the owners of the property. Maintaining and caring of your garage flooring is a job that you must perform at least twice per year or more, especially during the winter months in places with road salt. In addition to that, you can also give your floor a little bit of cleaning which usually depends on how heavily your garage might be. 

How to Clean a Rough Epoxy Floor? 

Removing the clutter will basically be a lot easier before you sweep your garage out. It will be better than allowing you to give your flooring a thorough cleaning. In order to avoid accumulating the garage floor clutter completely, you might want to take into account a specialty storage box or rack. 

Don’t forget to cover your drywall and electric outlets so you’ll be able to secure yourself while cleaning the floors. Furthermore, you also need to cover any extra items in the garage. 

Get rid of all the hazardous liquids and spills on your flooring since it might cause only staining. By using a quality absorbent material, sawdust or kitty litter, you can clean it all up really fast. After getting rid of it, gently step onto the stain in order to make sure that the oil will get soaked up. 

Cleaning or sweeping the dirt and some other debris is certainly the simplest procedure that you can perform to maintain the concrete garage floor. You can also take some of your time at least three times per week to carefully and sweep your garage floor with the use of a wide broom. 

Then, fill in the cracks and crevices with a putty knife and an epoxy paste. It can generally last at least two to three years if it’ll be taken care of accordingly. Right after the filling up of the cracks, scrape away the excess and use the towel to smoothen your garage flooring surface. For more information, contact Kingston concrete contractors.